A Comprehensive Viral Genome Resource

Developed @ Bioinformatics Centre, University of Pune,Pune 411 007. India.

  VirGen a comprehensive viral genome resource, which organizes the ‘sequence space’ of viral genomes in a structured fashion. It has been developed with an objective to serve as an annotated and curated database for complete viral genome sequences. VirGen employs the sequenced-based Bioinformatics approaches to annotate viral genome records and to identify the ‘alternative names’ of viral proteins, where available. It archives the results of comparisons of genomes, proteomes and individual proteins within and between viral species.  VirGen is the first resource to provide phylogenetic trees of viral species computed using whole genome sequence data. The database also houses predicted B-cell epitopes of known viral antigenic proteins in an attempt to link the genome to its vaccinome. The comparative genome analysis would not only help in carrying out the basic research to study the evolution of various strains and species of viruses but would also facilitate and accelerate the applied research by identification of candidates for designing vaccines and anti-viral drugs. 

 VirGen Publication: NAR Database issue (2004) Last Update(July 6, 2011).

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Developed  @   Bioinformatics  Centre
University of Pune, Pune 411 007 India