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Return Time Distribution (RTD) based alignment-free approach
for clustering & phylogeny of genomic sequences

Select the size of k-mer
: [Note: K-mer size between 4 and 7 is recommended]

Paste the nucleotide sequences below in FASTA format [Sample input: Dataset 1, Dataset 2, Dataset 3]

[Note: Only standard nucleotide letters (A, T, G, C) are accepted, ambiguous characters are ignored] 

OR upload using the file (< 5 Mb)

For input file >5 Mb and/or slow internet speed, users are requested to Download and use the standalone version of the
RTD Phylogeny program.


Citation information:
Kolekar P., Kale M., Kulkarni-Kale U., Alignment-free distance measure based on return time distribution for sequence 
analysis: Applications to clustering, molecular phylogeny and subtyping
, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
(2012) 65(2): 510-522. [PMID: 22820020]                   

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RTD Phylogeny server has been developed at Bioinformatics Centre, Savitribai Phule Pune University
funded by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India under the Centre of Excellence grant.

  Bioinformatics Centre, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India

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